What are you passionate about? What brings you the most joy and sense of fulfillment in your career and relationships? What is your unique quality that wants more expression in the world? How will bringing more of this essential aspect into everyday interactions enhance your life? How will this enhancement increase your ability to navigate major life transitions, reach your goals, and manifest your dreams both personally and professionally?

Embodiment is allowing the tangible expression of our essential qualities to translate through physical form into action ~ Manifesting our essential nature or giving spirit form in the physical world is our highest human offering. In each precious moment we have an opportunity to respond from a greater capacity for presence, compassion, confidence and wisdom through our embodied awareness. 

 What does this look like in daily life?

 Developing presence through embodied awareness will grow your capacity to:

  •     Listen to yourself with greater curiosity and compassion
  •     Bring more of who you genuinely are into everyday interactions
  •     Recognize that you have choices beyond the obvious ones
  •     Make clear decisions
  •     Take action

Soulful Embodiment invites you to step through a new doorway, moving you toward living all aspects of your life with more insight, alignment and fulfillment!

 Are you ready to take the next step?  

Devon offers sessions via phone, skype or at her office in San Rafael, CA. 

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