Leadership Embodiment Coaching

Did you know that the body responds to stress triggers in the environment before we become consciously aware of them? 

By the time we become aware of the trigger, our habitual stress patterns have taken over. This often limits our response choices to the more reactive habits of our personality and narrows access to our expanded capacities of center. 

 In Leadership Embodiment, we study the body’s stress response as it begins. Then before it gains momentum, we apply simple tools to shift from our automatic stress response of personality, to our more expanded capacities of center, where we have more conscious choice in how we respond.  

Neuroscience studies have recently verified that shifting the body to interrupt habits of mind can change our perspective. This is because when we shift the body our energy expression shifts too. This often shifts our perspective, which shifts the way we think,  speak, and may even shift how we are perceived by others. 

The tools of Leadership Embodiment offer simple and powerful techniques to develop more leadership presence. Leadership presence impacts all areas of our life, from the work place to our home environment! We all can benefit from being the leaders of our own life!

Here are brief descriptions of Deep Coaching, and Core Strengths Coaching.

For More information about Leadership Embodiment go to:  www.embodimentinternational.com

Devon offers sessions via phone, skype or at her office in San Rafael, CA. 

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