Deep Coaching

What if there were a map of human consciousness that guided the user in deepening their self-understanding and making choices that would create more life satisfaction? 

The Enneagram is such a map! When the Enneagram is combined with coaching, it offers us a powerful map for ‘how’ to walk the tender territory of personal transformation, leading to shifts in our perspective and sustainable change in our life!

Deep Coaching uses the Enneagram and it’s 9 personality styles, to focus awareness on our underlying habits, challenges, motivations, gifts, and strengths. Through exploring the wisdom of the Enneagram as an embodied, centering, heart-opening, and truth-telling tool, we see how our personality lens filters our experience, reinforcing beliefs, which limit our sense of self, sense of others, and our choices.  This creates the illusion that we are separate from our more expanded potential resulting in an experience of fragmentation in many aspects of our life. 

In Deep Coaching we notice somatic cues of the body, as a way to anchor our awareness in the present moment and reconnect with the ‘wholeness’ of our experience. Through present moment awareness, we begin to understand and free ourselves from personality operating principals that no longer serve us. Our personality then, becomes a colorful backdrop to living more from our expanded capacities. 

The tools of Deep Coaching offer a way to come home to yourself and live more fully, where you’ve always been! Here, now, embodied in this moment!

Here are brief descriptions of Core Strengths Coaching, and Leadership Embodiment Coaching.

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