What Is The Enneagram?

The Enneagram symbol is of ancient origins which was first used in eastern spiritual practices. It was re-introduced to the west in the 1920’s by George Gurdjeiff as a system for awakening to the difficulty we humans experience when we are asleep to our true nature. The symbol itself consists of a nine pointed geometric figure contained within a circle. It offers a framework for understanding the nine primary aspects of human experience and their interrelationships.

The Enneagram offers a map of human consciousness and a key for opening into universal insights about human behavior. For this reason it has been easily integrated with the insights of many other areas of human development from spiritual traditions, to psychology, and most recently in business. For the past 40 years the Enneagram has been used world wide to understand one of the most complex systems in existence ~ human nature.

Why Work With the Enneagram?

Understanding the nine different personality styles gives us insight into the very distinct patterns of thought, behavior and strengths inherent in each type. Through developing awareness of our patterns we increase our capacity for self-observation. As we begin to see where our personality habits might hold us back we have more options to respond from the strengths of our personality rather than be driven by it’s habitual reactions. Working with the Enneagram offers us not only a map for how we turn away from our essential self, but a clear pathway home again!

Many findings about the individual nine personality types are also directly transferable to how we interact in relationships and groups. Even though we have one type that is our primary response pattern, we have access to all nine types within us. Through understanding the different perspectives inherent in each type we develop our capacity for compassion, with our self and others. This awareness can have a profound impact on how we interact in relationship with others in every aspect of our life.

How Do I Work With The Enneagram?

Typing Inquiry Sessions

When working with the Enneagram the best place to begin is in discovering which of the nine perspectives you most resonate with. During a typing inquiry session, I will gently guide you through an experience of what the world might look like through the lens of each personality style. We will work in collaboration together as you discover which style resonates for you. I offer this as a one-time session, or you may wish to use this information for continued work.

Enneagram Coaching

When the Enneagram is combined with coaching it offers us a powerful map for ‘how’ to walk the tender territory of personal transformation, leading to shifts in our perspective and sustainable change in our life.

See my Deep Coaching page for more information.


I offer small group classes in the Enneagram at my office in San Rafael or online. Additionally, I offer Enneagram workshops in a business setting as a team building tool or tailored to your group focus.

My Enneagram Experience

I’ve been studying and working with the Enneagram for over 20 years. I am accredited to use the Enneagram in life coaching through the Deep Coaching Institute. I have additional Enneagram training through the Enneagram Institute.

For more information about the Enneagram visit www.enneagraminstitute.com 

Devon offers sessions via phone, skype or at her office in San Rafael, CA. 

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